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Disproportionately Afrikan-American Males are at the highest risk of occurrences of prostate cancer than any other Males in the entire world. Unfortunately, they are also the least informed and have access to inferior health care, information and treatment options. Consequently resulting in a higher mortality rate, more cases of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction and an overall interrupted lifestyle.
~ Al Brown ~

Prostate Cancer And The Afrikan-American Male
One Man's Journey
"A Journey Of Survival"
Business owner and creator of the phrase "Remember... Either you're networking or you're not working! And if you are networking and it's not working...
You're just not working in the Right Network!"
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Al Brown has extensive experience in networking, public relations, marketing, graphic design and communications. With a passion for connecting people to the right business opportunity, the right person, the right marketing campaign, or the right venue Al has built a reputation for quality work that has resulted in many business success stories. An entrepreneur since 1975, Al has owned a number of corporations - all achieving a dynamic competitive marketing advantage for his clients. In addition to building financial health for his clients, Al has always built into his companies an aspect of altruism.

Al began his career in the Communications business - developing a business that catered to consulting for minority business development while offering printing and business services to individuals and organizations. In 1980 this led to the development of a non-profit Think Tank dedicated to Executive Networking. Networking expertise through creative web site design caused Al to create BizNet Chicago where he has over 5000+ readers since 2008 accessing the city happenings online.

A new business, Al Brown and Associates, came into existence to meet the Business Development, Marketing and Promotional needs of today's competitive environment. To further enhance his client's presence, Al Brown and Associates offer web and graphic design, web marketing, digital imaging, and other custom services. At the core of Al's being is a drive to create new ideas that will foster collaboration, business development, and individual success. For more than 35 years, Al Brown has utilized diverse and myriad business talents to assist clients to improve their business and individual performance. Al's background encompasses minority business development, graphic design, creative writing, photography, computer consulting services, fashion design, public relations and communications.

Whether Al is marketing an event, a person, an institution, or an idea - they all require the ability to make the reader desire to become involved. Creating the desire for involvement is Al's specialty. Linking people to success is what Al Brown does best.

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Al Brown 7/3/12
Al Brown, prostate cancer advocate and Founder of Time4The99,
a Female Prostate Cancer Advocacy Organization... speaks on Cancer Awareness on Drive @5 with Roman on
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Guest Al Brown, prostate cancer survivor, advocate and dynamic speaker in a candid discussion about his experience with prostate cancer on Power2Survive with host Cheri Kirby on BlogTalkRadio.
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Time4The99 @CSU Radio .
Al Brown, prostate cancer advocate and Founder of Time4The99,
on WCSU iHeart Radio- Blind Impact with your host QMS.

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Time4The99 @CSU Radio 2 .

  Louis Gossett, Jr.           
Les Brown, Louis Gossett, Jr., Minister Louis Farrakhan, Charlie Wilson, Bishop Arthur Brazier, Colin Powell, Dr. Cornell West and Nelson Mandella all represent high profile Black Men who have experienced prostate cancer. Clearly demonstrating that status, celebrity, religion, finances and the like does not make you exempt.

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