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Al Brown - Publisher
Al Brown, Publisher
BizNet Chicago

Looking to start or promote your business? Just looking for a wide variety of fun and entertainment? Want to know what's happening in your town? Well, stay tuned as each week we send you juicy tidbits along with a selection of hotspots and information. Having an interesting event and want to share it with our readers? Once every week BizNet Chicago will be sent into the mailboxes of our 5,000 plus readers, with e'Vents being tweeted to 1000+ followers on Twitter, posted on FaceBook to over 5000 and LinkedIn to over 2800. Here's your chance to let them know about you!

"Either You're Networking or You're Not-Working, And if You are Networking and its Not-Working... Then You're Just Not-Working in the Right Network!
©1980 Al Brown"

Sheila R. Stennis
Insights Into Insurance

Sheila Stennis became an Exclusive Agent for Allstate Insurance in April of 1999. During those nine years she's owned and operated her agency in Oak Park IL. and earned the reputation for exceptional service to her customers. Allstate has recognized Sheila as one of the top Allstate agents in the country. Her hard work and dedication have allowed her to achieve Allstate's "New Hero - Gold, Century Club Winner, Honor Ring, and Regional Champ Status". "The best part about my job is educating people of the importance in obtaining the proper insurance coverage and financial investments before they need it" she says.

Donna Pope
MBA, Certified Professional Career Coach

Donna Pope is a Certified Professional Career Coach with Your Resume Suite, LLC - a full service career coaching firm offering services to professionals to help them advance their careers.
Services: Efficiency Consulting Recruiting Services Compliance Programs Mid Level - Exec Search Full Suite of Career Coaching Services
Member of Prof. Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches and the Career Master's Institute #

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